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Protecting DUI Clients in Tallahassee, Valdosta, and Surrounding Areas

If you or someone you care about has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you should seek legal advice immediately. Attorney Gus Soto represents clients across the North Florida and South Georgia region who are facing DUI charges. His firm offers 24/7 service and five convenient office locations:

It is important to remember that under both Florida and Georgia state law, you only have 10 days from the date of your DUI arrest to request an administrative hearing.   If you do not take action within the 10 day time period, your license will be automatically suspended.   This means that when you are arrested for a DUI, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Gus Soto can explain your rights and file all of the legal documents necessary to help protect your driving privileges.

Offering Extensive DUI Experience and Specialized Training

Attorney Soto is a skilled Valdosta drunk driving lawyer who concentrates his criminal practice on the defense of DUI cases in Florida and Georgia. As a former Assistant State Attorney, Gus Soto knows the ins and outs of how the state handles such cases. He has prosecuted misdemeanor crimes and capital felonies and has tried more than 200 jury and non-jury DUI trials.

Attorney Soto has also obtained several advanced certifications, including the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and the Advanced Roadside Impairment Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) courses. Additionally, he is a certified operator of the Intoxilyzer 8000 and 9000 breath alcohol testing machines and is also certified in National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) field sobriety testing.

Identifying DUI Defenses

Attorney Soto appreciates how stressful it can be to challenge a DUI arrest. In addition to stiff fines and penalties, A DUI conviction can have a major impact upon your personal and professional life today and well into the future. Whether your arrest occurred in Florida or Georgia, Attorney Soto is well positioned to defend your case. He has an extensive understanding of the legal requirements and procedures officers must follow when charging an individual with driving under the influence. He knows how to identify weaknesses in the state’s evidence and is committed to doing everything possible to fight the charges that have been filed against you.

Regardless of whether this is your first DUI offense or if you have been charged with a DUI before, you could lose your driver’s license, face steep fines and even serve jail time. Tallahassee drunk driving attorney Gus Soto understands exactly how much is at stake. He will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and assert all defenses that may be available to you.

Office Locations

If you are dealing with a DUI charge, contact Attorney Gus Soto for a free consultation on your case. Whether you are in Valdosta, Tallahassee, Thomasville, Panama City or another location in North Florida or South Georgia, Gus Soto is an experienced DUI lawyer who works directly with all of his clients. Attorney Soto will personally answer your questions, outline your options and help you fight the charges that you are facing.

You can contact Attorney Soto today at any of the following office locations:

3653 Cagney Drive, Suite 203
Tallahassee, Florida 32309
Phone Number: (850) 894-1494

433 Harrison Avenue
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Phone Number: (850) 785-7686

100 North Patterson, Suite B
Valdosta, Georgia 31601
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125 North Broad Street Suite 204
Thomasville, Georgia 32550
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