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More Women Are Facing DUI Arrests

November 30, 2015 • DUI Defense

Drunk Driving Stats indicates that men are arrested for DUIs and convicted of drunk driving offenses far more frequently than their female counterparts. In 2010, for example, men accounted for four out of every five defendants who were facing DUI charges.   The highest-risk group -- men between the ages of 21 and 34 -- were singlehandedly responsible for at least 32 percent of all drunk driving episodes.

Those who were considered binge drinkers were also in the so-called “high risk group.” Binge drinking was defined to include men consuming five alcohol beverages or more in a short period of time.  For females, however, binge drinking involved consuming only four alcoholic beverages in a short period.

There are many reasons why men may be more likely to be charged with impaired driving than women, including cultural and social norms about alcohol consumption. However, as equality becomes a reality and society shifts to continue accommodating the new role that women play, more women than ever are facing DUI arrests. 

For a woman who is arrested, unfortunately, the penalties – including a suspended license -- could affect work and family obligations.  That said, men and women who are arrested and charged with driving impaired need to consult with knowledgeable Thomasville DUI lawyers about their legal options.

Female DUI Arrests on the Rise

CNN reported back in 2009 that studies were showing trends towards an increasing number of women being arrested for DUI.  In the decade ending in 2007, there was almost a 30-percent increase in the number of women charged with impaired driving.

At the same time as the number of women involved in DUIs was rising, the number of men allegedly driving drunk was declining.  While it is not yet clear why this phenomenon is occurring, one theory put forth, according to CNN, is that women are under more pressure than in the past. Many are single parents or are the only or primary breadwinner in their household, which can cause a significant amount of stress and can lead to decisions like impaired driving.

Women who are under pressure to do it all may find they are unable to do anything after an arrest. Conviction could bring jail time, fines, probation, court fees and costs, mandatory alcohol counseling and much more.  Women who work, take care of families, or do both, could also find the temporary suspension of their license to be an incredible hardship.

Fortunately, both men and women have options.  In Georgia, you could, for example, challenge the automatic suspension of a license. You could also argue for a hardship license to keep your ability to drive and pursue a plea deal or not guilty verdict that will minimize penalties.

The right option is going to be determined on a case-by-case basis in light of available evidence, risk tolerance and other factors specific to your arrest. Knowing which option to choose for responding to charges can be complicated, but you can make strategic choices by getting appropriate legal advice. To learn more about how experienced, compassionate DUI lawyers can help, give us a call today.