DWI and DUI Expungements in Panama City

Expunging Your DUI Conviction

A DUI is a serious offense that can have long-lasting consequences.   If you have been convicted of a DUI, you may be hoping that you can have your criminal record expunged. An expungement generally acts to “erase” or “destroy” your criminal record. In most situations, such as when you are completing a job or rental application, you will not have to disclose your arrest or conviction if it has been expunged. Additionally, when an employer or school conducts a background check of public records, your expunged record will generally not appear.   There are, however, limited instances when you may have to disclose your expungement to an employer or where a certain government agency may have access your expunged record.  

Unfortunately, if your DUI conviction occurred in Florida or Georgia, you will not be able to have your record expunged. In both states, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a criminal offense that generally cannot be expunged. This fact holds true even if your DUI conviction took place when you were underage.

While a DUI conviction itself may not be able to be expunged, there are certain situations where you may be able to petition to have your record expunged. For instance, if a Panama City DUI drunk driving lawyer was able to negotiate a plea bargain that reduced your charge to reckless driving, you may be able to have the reckless driving charge expunged from your record. Additionally, if the prosecution dismissed your DUI charge or declined to prosecute the case, you may be able to petition to have the charge removed your record.

A DUI Attorney Can Help

The laws and rules for expungements are complicated and can be challenging to decipher on your own. Whether your DUI took place in Panama City, Tallahassee or another area in North Florida or South Georgia, drunk driving lawyer Gus Soto can help. Attorney Soto is an experienced DUI lawyer who restricts his criminal practice to the defense of DUI cases. He has served as a former Assistant State Attorney and knows the ins and outs of how the government handles DUI arrests and convictions.   His background and experience make him uniquely positioned to advise and represent clients who are trying to overcome a DUI and get their life back in order.

Attorney Soto also understands what you are going through and will do everything possible to help you get out of a difficult situation. While your DUI case may seem hopeless, Gus Soto has what it takes to defend even the toughest DUI cases. He knows how to get DUI charges reduced or even dismissed and, should your record be eligible for expungement, he will guide you through the entire process.

Contact DUI Defense Lawyer Gus Soto

If you are dealing with a DUI, you should never try to fight it on your own. Attorney Gus Soto is a dedicated DUI defense lawyer who represents clients throughout the South Florida and North Georgia region. His firm operates two offices in Florida – Tallahassee and Panama City – and two offices in Georgia – Valdosta and Thomasville.   You can contact Attorney Gus Soto 24/7 to schedule a free consultation by calling 1-888-440-7686 or completing the online contact form.