DWI and Your Record

A Look at the Impact a DWI Could Have on Your Driving Record

If you are convicted of drunk driving, your DWI charge is going to be a part of your permanent record. What does this mean? It means you will now have a criminal record that can show up in background checks that are run on you when you try to find a place to live, work, or volunteer. A DWI also shows up on your driving record, affecting your insurance costs. If you are charged again, the record of the previous drunk driving convictions can also result in much harsher penalties the second or subsequent time you end up in court.

Because of the profound consequences DWI can have on your record, you want to find ways to try to avoid conviction or minimize the damage. A Valdosta DUI lawyer can explain the impact of a DWI on your record and can help you to explore ways to try to keep a clean record or limit the fallout from a guilty verdict. Contact an attorney for help as soon as you are arrested in order to protect your reputation.

Drunk Driving and Its Impact On Your Record

A drunk driving conviction on your criminal record usually shows up as a misdemeanor charge, although it is possible you could be charged with a felony in certain situations, such as when accidents happen while impaired.  Misdemeanor convictions can harm future opportunities, from admission to educational institutions to access to employment or volunteer jobs.

A DUI on your driving record can also result in the need for special, and costly, auto insurance and can mean you aren't allowed to drive for a living or operate a company car. Depending upon the nature of your charges, the chance to obtain or maintain a professional license or commercial driver's license could also be at risk.

To avoid the long-lasting impact of a drunk driving conviction on your record, you need to fight the charges when arrested. Do not assume that you can get your records sealed or expunged later, as this is not always possible. You should also not assume that a DUI when underage won't show up on your record of affect future opportunities, as this is not always the case.

How Can You Protect Your Record?

Working with an attorney to get DUI charges dropped or to get an acquittal can be the best way to keep your record clear. Your attorney can help you explore a variety of ways to make it impossible for prosecutors to win a guilty verdict by proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke Georgia's drunk driving laws.  From having evidence kept out of court because of constitutional violations, to raising questions about the accuracy of chemical testing, there are legal strategies you can use to secure an acquittal in many DUI cases.

Other alternatives to protecting your record can include exploring the possibility of pre-trial diversion programs and negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors that could involve admitting guilt to a lesser crime.

An experienced DUI attorney can provide you with essential advice in deciding what strategic response to your drunk driving charges is going to be best to try and protect your record.